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About US

Why Dance-Fitness

Dance-Fitness Works! At ChezaDance Fitness Studio, we are all about promoting healthy lifestyles through fun and enjoyable Group Fitness and dance activities! We believe that the best exercise and dance program is one that is safe, balanced, uplifting, promotes health and wellness and, most importantly, one  that people will stick to doing regularly because they ENJOY IT.

At ChezaDance Fitness Studio, we give the community we serve a heartfelt dance and fitness experience like no other! Our goal is to build a healthier and stronger community through innovative and enjoyable dance fitness programs.  Cheza means to dance and have fun in Swahili. We live by our Cheza name in offering fun and enjoyable dance and fitness classes that make it easier for you to keeping coming back for more..... We invite you to experience our dance lessons, group fitness classes, personal training sessions and dance social events.

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